You are an artist? Time to add Honeycomb to your server.

Honeycomb is a Discord bot designed to provide artists with some useful functions to enhance their experience on Discord. With its features, artists can create a portfolio, display random entries from it, manage a commission price list, and keep track of their commission queue.

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Artist Portfolio Management

This feature allows artists to create and manage their portfolio using the bot. They can display random entries from their portfolio, and make it accessible to anyone on demand.

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Loyalty and Engagement

The bot has two different kinds of coint management: The Activity Points are earned automatically by being active on a server. They are intended to animate the users to be active and discussing all kind of topics. These kind of points can be used for different bot-games. The second kind are Loyalty Points. These are individually named and managed by the artists. They could for example be earned by buying commissions or supporting the artist on a platform like Patreon. Artists can decide on offering a discount on their prices in exchange for these loyalty points.

Commission Management

This feature includes commission price list management, commission request forms, commission queue management, and progress tracking of commissions. Artists can keep track of their commissions and manage them efficiently using the bot. Users can submit new commission requests via a form, and review the status of their open commissions.

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Promotion and Marketing

This feature includes new artwork announcements with references to different platforms like Twitter, DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Patreon, and more. It also allows artists to opt-in to a global catalogue for commission discovery, and to publish all their information on a public website.








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